Vistagate Delivers new interface for Wanaka Edge Apartments

Wanaka is a world renowned, all-year-round destination for tourists, famous for its natural beauty and leisure activities. Located in the heart of the community, the Wanaka Edge Apartments offers one of the finest and distinctive accommodation in the area. Each suite at the luxury apartments in offers turn of the century decor, complete with custom furnishings and neutral colour schemes. Spacious courtyards or balconies on higher floors means you can make optimum use of the summer sun.

Customers utilising Wanaka Edge Apartments expect a superior broadband internet experience. However, due to the lack of integration with the Property Management System, the only available option for internet was a pre-paid option; one that was not living up to customer expectations. Senior Vistagate staff members worked closely with Mark Denton, from Room Master Property Management Systems, to develop an interface with this system that allowed the billing of internet to be accounted for on one bill, without having to prepay. With the interface system in place, Vistagate then installed the wired Link product which allows each guest to experience broadband internet at exceptional speeds.

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