Hotel Grand Chancellor recontracts with Vistagate

Vistagate is proud to announce that The Hotel Grand Chancellor Christchurch has recontracted a further 3 year contract for the provision of high speed broadband for the hotel. Vistagate provides both wired and wireless high speed broadband solutions, with 186 dual outlets into the guest rooms, enabling high speed cable broadband to all rooms, as well as network switches on each floor of the building. In addition to the dual outlet, Vistagate also provided retractable network leads. An additional benefit is that guests can enable a wireless account and use their laptop within the hotel’s wireless environment at no additional cost.

In the conference and hotel lobby areas wireless access points have been deployed providing complete wireless coverage throughout the conference floor and hotel lobby reception using power over ethernet technology. Several outlets per meeting and conference room are also enabled for network connectivity to the Vistagate guest network. This gives the conference the ability to use several devices on a single account, with customised conference rates.

Flexibility in payment has been achieved through the sale of pre-paid cards for users who just want access for an hour, half day or full day. The cards can be purchased at reception or via the conference team. All rooms have a billing interface with the hotel’s property management and reservations system for charging to be posted directly to the guest’s account. The Hotel Grand Chancellor furthermore remains in control over the service and the rates that they decide to charge. The furthering of revenue generation and the ability to market the Hotels products and services on the homepage is of significant value.

A recent development has been the refurbishment of the kiosk computer area to a complete business centre, with updated kiosks, customised furniture, boardroom table, printer and fax facilities … a complete solution for all your business needs.

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