Vistagate gets an upgrade

All of us here at Vistagate have been working hard in the months up to Christmas to develop our new Datablock billing system that has recently been deployed to Rydges Wellington, Rydges Auckland and Sudima Christchurch with more Hotels scheduled for later on this week and throughout the year.

The new version of Vistagate Ultra dubbed as the “Datablock” billing system features several new and upgraded feature from the previous version of Vistagate Ultra.

The new aspects of the system are as follows:

Datablock Billing

Datablock billing has seen Vistagate move from excess data charges where a guest could exceed there purchased data limit without being alerted, to a system whereby the Guest can choose what happens when the data limit is reached. The guest can now opt to be disconnected if they reach their data limit or automatically purchase blocks of data rather than being charged at a per megabyte rate (much more manageable for the guest).

Conference Accounts

With the new system Vistagate has developed a new way of managing Conference accounts and billing in the “datablock” concept. Staff can now create an account for conferences. Conference attendees simply login with a username and password to charge their usage back to one central conference account. This allows staff to see the conference accounts data usage and the conference manager can opt to disconnect when the data limit is reached, or purchase blocks of data to remain connected.

Free Wireless

Vistagate now has a product for Hotels wanting to provide included/free wireless to guests. Guests connect to the network and logon with the general access password provided by reception. These guests are shaped (bandwidth limited) and have a time limit set by reception.

Token Access

The new token printer makes it easier for staff  to provide guests with Tokens for wireless logon. Staff simply press one of the buttons corresponding to the value the Guest requests and a new token is printed. With these token printers in place the overhead of stocking tokens is removed.

One-Hit Credit Card Billing

Hotel guests can now bill there internet access straight to their Credit Card via a secure Direct Payment Solutions webpage. Guests can purchase internet as blocks of data, getting disconnected once the data limit is reached.

New Administration Interface

A Completely revamped Staff administration making the access to all the new features easier and clearer to understand. Staff can manage all aspects of the system and view all the information they need to best service their guests.

With all this development complete and with more scheduled, the Vistagate system is an even better solution.  All Accommodation Centre owners and guests have a great positive experience accessing the internet via Vistagate.   If you would like to know more, please do calls on 0800-VISTAGATE or drops us an email at

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